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shopping guru Daniel

Hello, my name is Daniel and I have huge experience in shopping and what is best I know a lot about money saving options and about money saving tools. I can tell you for sure which blogs you should use, how you should use them and how to find real deals and real offers which will help you to save tons of money.

I used to work for: coupons.com, groupon.com, couponmom.com, retailmenot.com, etc. Currently I’m working on christlcmeridian.org where you can find detailed guides on how to save money on popular brands and companies like Megabus, Bulk Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. I have daily releases of active offers. A while ago I had coupons which allowed you to save 50% off from all products at Bed Bath and Beyond or for example I shared 1$ ticket for Megabus, as you can see I have a lot of interesting deals and savings for you.

My blog – christlcmeridian.org is working in friendly format, we may include some jokes, we may include some off-subject news, but we will for sure show you latest interesting deals and we wont leave you disappointed.

If you have some questions visit our support page and send your questions from there, we will come in touch you as soon as possible.