Schlitterbahn, Excellent Option for Fun and Still Save Money

As the summer and spring break get closer the family thinks of activities to have fun on the sunny days. For kids there is nothing more cool than waterparks, with slides, tube rides and lazy rivers it is splashy fun for all ages, however get in a water park can be a little pricey, especially for a family, but do not worry about it this time because Schlitterbahn offer options to get more summer fun and save some pennies.

Schlitterbahn, Excellent Option for Fun and Still Save MoneyWhat is Schlitterbahn?

Considered by many the #1 park in the United States, Schlitterbahn is a family run business since 1966 that combines water and fun, as well as resort accommodations for family travelers. There are four locations of Schlitterbahn waterparks, but the favorite is the New Braunfels Park, featuring 70 acres of pure fun over 40 rides and attractions, four themed areas, many swimming pools, along the beautiful Comal River.

Why Loving Schlitterbahn Waterparks.

The prices there are very reasonable, and they often offer discounts and offers too, also alleviate the concerns of extra expenses because the parking is for free and you have they allow you to take your own picnic, excellent for saving money on eating out, good reasons to pack your swimsuits and get ready for fun.

Coupons and Offers.

There is a promotion valid until May 31st, which you can save 5$ when buying season passes, among the benefits of season passes you can count: unlimited access to all water attractions, free use of inner tubes and life jackets, bring-a-friend for half price coupons, 2 half-price summer admissions valid at all Slitterbanh parks, discount on resort stays at New Braunfels and South Padre Island locations, etc. The season passes are valid for 2016 Spring Break, 2016 Easter Weekend and 2016 Summer Season, which is incredible considering the price of the pass pays less than 3 visits (A general tickets costs about 78$, and a general season pass cost 144.99$ without taxes).

Generally the earlier you bid on season passes the cheaper they will cost, also to keep updated with offers and discount days it is helpful to subscribe to the newsletter of your favorite park at official page , and like their facebook page , Schlitterbahn often release offers for its facebook community.

offer on facebookIf you want to be extra sure you will catch a deal or offer you can always research on coupon sites or forums like:, and

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